What if life had an Undo Send button

It happens often, we write emails, hovering over words or sentences, wondering if they come across the right way. Then we decide to hit send after all. But wait! Too late, you already clicked send. Unless you use Gmail and have the Undo Send feature turned on.

Undo Send came in handy for me at least a couple of times today. Have you ever wished that life had an “undo send” button? What would you undo?

Right off the bat, I think that I would undo my decision to attend a private university for 3 years and amass $80,000 of student loans. But, then I wouldn’t have the friends, experiences, or life changes I have met along the way. I wouldn’t have met my amazing wife. We wouldn’t have a great debt-free story and history to share with others to encourage them to also become debt-free. So, even though there might be instances in life that I’d like to undo, those moments define me and shape me into who I am today, and the person I continue to grow into.


2 thoughts on “What if life had an Undo Send button

  1. Good thoughts! Just because you wish you hadn’t done something doesn’t mean that God can’t turn it in to something awesome. You guys rock on paying off 80k. That’s just awesome.

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