The new ride. ’05 Toyota Matrix

Toyota Matrix

I picked up our new car yesterday. When I saw “new”, I mean “new to us”. We scored a deal on a 2005 Toyota Matrix. It is funny because less than a week ago, we started searching for them around town and test drove the first one just 5 days ago. We also drove to Houston with a cashier’s check in hand, truly thinking that we had found the one. Boy were we wrong. But, that’s okay because I’m happy to have spend the money on a tank of gas over buying a nasty car.

We had seen the one we bought listed on Craigslist at the beginning of the week but overlooked it because it had somewhat high mileage. Turns out that it was the one. Very clean, only some minor cosmetic issues, and no major mechanical needs – just some work to plan for in the winter.

Which leads me to how I know what work it needs. That is all thanks to Auto P.I. and Yelp. I searched the web for “used car inspections” and came across Auto P.I. which I was surprised to find was actually here in Austin. They got superb reviews on Yelp, I was only debating on whether to spend the money for the inspection. I realized this would be better than just taking it to a mechanic, because this is what these guys do: inspect used cars and report back on them. They have a checklist and do a 600 point inspection. My money was well spent, because the guy who inspected the car really helped me feel good about the purchase. He said “it would be hard to walk away from a car like that”.

I am glad that this chapter of “automobile life” is coming to a close. There are a couple items still to tend to, but I feel the stress levels subsiding.


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