Cuvée Coffee Tour

Saturday, I had the privilege of visiting and touring Cuvée Coffee out in Spicewood, TX (west of Austin – even further west than where I live). Now, if you’re like me, you’re wondering how in the heck you pronounce the name and where it came from. It is actually a french wine term and sounds something like “koo-veh”.

It all started when Sarah replied to an email from Jodi (@tastytouring) and got on the short-list to bring a guest out to Cuvée for a little tour of the place which was organized by Jodi (kudos and thanks to her). Well, as it turned out, Sarah had to work and was not able to make it. She insisted that I (still) go, in honor of her. I am so glad that I did. There ended up being about a dozen of us there which made for a perfectly sized group.

Mike McKim is the owner and answered any and all questions about coffee, his business, his road to where he is now, etc. It is encouraging to hear his story, about how he went from a job in telecom, to roasting his own coffee for himself and friends/family, to selling espresso machines, to finally having his own coffee roasting company. He is “living the dream”, if you will, getting to do what he loves (it’s obvious).

On a business/marketing note, this was an awesome step forward for Cuvée. Mike and his wife spent 2 hours of their Saturday giving a tour of their roasting hub, which will trigger “word of mouth marketing” via the small crew that was there, to people that he may not have been able to reach on his own. I love that. He got me and others excited and educated about coffee and his business. We can’t help but spread that around – especially in a place like Austin.

Thanks for hosting us Mike & family.

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Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, that Cuvée also does 1-day barista training. How awesome is that? So coffee shops will send baristas there to get trained on techniques, etc. The goal is to ultimately use their current house as a sort of B&B for people to come from out of state and be able to get trained in the “skills of coffee-making”.


6 thoughts on “Cuvée Coffee Tour

  1. Hi Michael,

    Fun to hear what a great experience you had at Cuvee! Mike and Rashelle are such a great team and so passionate about their business!! how the pics look on your blog!

  2. Michael – Appreciate the link, and just added a link from Grubbus back here. Totally loving those shots. Something about Hipstamatic and old school roasters just works. So. Much. Fun.

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