Collaborative Consumption


Some of the sites mentioned in the video are listed below. I can’t remember how exactly I found this video, but I do know that it was somehow tied back to Colin Beavan, No Impact Man. S and I started the documentary the other night on our Roku, and are really enjoying it. I look forward to sharing more thoughts from the movie.

Anyway, I think what this video here is talking about is quite fascinating. I can be such a selfish person and think that everything I own is all mine. But, nothing I have is truly mine. I think the type of collaborative sharing that is talked about here could really change a lot of things in the world. I need to let some of my walls down, and these are a great start.

Take AirBNB for example. This is a site where you can rent a house or a room from somebody else on the site. I probably wouldn’t think twice about doing this. But from what people are saying in some of the reviews, I think it could be a neat experience, and an awesome way to save money while travelling.


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