Tomatoes are growing!

I planted two tomatoes in my Earthbox at the beginning of April. I had the box for a year but hadn’t been hit with the reality that I could grow my own vegetables at home. This year was different. Maybe it’s that we live near so many great farmers markets and near great local food vendors. Good, real food, is in the DNA of this city.

So, I decided to go to Natural Gardener here in town, and I picked up a cherry tomato plant, and a celebrity tomato plant. Then, my mother-in-law gave me one of her heirloom plants that she grew from seed. I decided to plant the celebrity plant in a 14” pot and put the other two tomatoes in the Earthbox. [The Earthbox comes with fertilizer that you need and a watering “pipe” if you will, that puts water into a reservoir at the bottom of the container, that the plants pull from when they are thirsty.]

So, a month into my gardening, I have several tomatoes growing and looking healthy. I am somewhat surprised that I have had such good results from my pot, considering I hadn’t done it before and wasn’t sure if the plant would have enough room to grow.

We also filled in our raised garden bed in the backyard this weekend. I built a 4’x4′ bed of 8” tall boards, topped off with some rich Hill Country Soil from Natural Gardener. In the bed we planted red bell peppers, green bell peppers, jalapenos, and more tomatoes.

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One thought on “Tomatoes are growing!

  1. So happy to find another kitchen gardener! This is probably the last year I’m growing tomatoes in my EarthBoxes. I’ve been experimenting and I have better tomatoes grown in Tomato Success Kits. The EarthBoxes are great for not so tall veggies like peppers and eggplants.

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