My Trader Joe's experience

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I am in Atlanta (still … and missing S), until next Thursday. I told S that while I am here, I would pick her up some Almond Butter from Trader Joe’s.  In addition to Almond Butter, I picked up a few groceries. I had to limit myself though. because I would have racked up quite a bill. What an unbelievable store. Here is my complete list of goods:

  • white corn tortilla chips
  • hansen’s root beer – drinking one right now!
  • swiss dark chocolate – for S
  • beef tamales
  • chicken fajita burrito
  • chocolate soy milk (this is going great with my vanilla whey protein powder)
  • virgil’s root beer (recommended by the cashier as “the best root beer” – had to try it!)
  • peanuts berries and almonds nut mix
  • natural microwave popcorn
  • pomodora pizza
  • variety of fruit leathers
  • and let’s not forget the re-usable Trader Joe’s grocery bag

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