I fixed my iPhone calendar time zone mis-match

I am in Atlanta until next Thursday. When I got to work today, I had calendar notifications going off on my phone, which were an hour off. I finally found the setting that fixed this on my iPhone. I honestly didn’t know if it was just a glitch, or what. But honestly, I don’t know why this option exists. Why would you not not want your calendar to match the time/time zone of your phone? Seems odd to me. Nevertheless, here is how to fix it.

→ Start by tapping the Settings icon
→ tap Mail, Contacts, Calendar
→ scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and tap “Time Zone Support”
→ Set to OFF


33 thoughts on “I fixed my iPhone calendar time zone mis-match

  1. Awesome, finally! Thank you! I moved from Salt Lake City to Houston and all my calendar items were showing up an hour behind on my iPhone. I knew it was a time zone setting somewhere, but didn’t think to look here.

  2. This was of great assistance. I am amzed this is turned on by default, seems unusual to say the least. However, now it is turned off all is well with my calender.

  3. Thanks. I have a simple 3G. And I had no problem last year when I went to EST from PST. But a week ago, after returning from EST to PST, everything was 3 hours off! Finally, I found the timezone thing and had thought about turning it off, but then thought: “That’s stupid. Apple isn’t stupid.” Hmmmmmm. Hopefully they have fixed this on the next phone. Thanks for making me feel less stupid! 🙂

  4. Thanks for this solution! My new iPhone 4 has been giving me reminders 18 hours late.
    Realizing it was set on Cupetino time – a location far from my home in Melbourne, Australia – I went searching online how to change the time zone! Found your simple fix. Eureka! Problem solved! Thanks heaps!!!

  5. I lived with this issue for six months and usually had to check in with my iPad for the “real” appointment time. Interesting that iPad does not have this issue but iphone does. Hmmm. In any regard, thanks for the post!

  6. thanks man
    2 years on and 2 generations of iphones later, this setting is still default to “screw with you time zone”
    iphone – the only phone i know that is good at everything else except being a trustworthy phone

      • This did not appear to resolve my problem.
        My iphone setting is set to OFF for Time zone support
        In Paris I set a return flight from Istanbul in calendar at 18:40
        Went to Istanbul Turkey where they are 1hr ahead
        In Istanbul Calendar changed departure in iphone calendar to 19:40
        Result nearly missed my flight as iphone told me it was at 19:40
        Back in Paris calendar says flight was at 18:40
        Granted we should be smart enough not to rely on a machine but this issue is a little annoying.

  7. thank you! i was in india the past week and now back in bangkok and everytihng went off 1.5 hours before schedule. and saw your site that came #3 in google search. the only caveat was i googled “how to fix iphone calender timezone” 🙂 thanks tho

  8. Ahhh. Been in Russia for the last two weeks and my calendar has been totally screwed up since. Thanks for the tip. Fixed it!

  9. I’ll try this to see if it helps my problem I’m rarely out of EST and I set my appointment on my calendar in the EST zone, ie NY,NY. For some odd reason at time, when the reminders for some of those appointment alert me, its in Cupertino time zone which is 3 hours later that I needed the reminder to nofify. So even if I set reminder/appt in EST zone it randomly converts it to the Cupertino time zone. Any suggestions?

  10. When you have the time sone support option turned on you get to choose the time zone for each appointment. If you are like me going back and forth from LA to NY and having meetings in both cities that are based ont the city you are in its better to choose the time zone for the meeting. Thats why theyhave this option I believe

  11. OMG I was awakened @ 0230 last night b/c this freaking thing kept going off with every scheduled event every 30 minutes. I wish I would have found this post last night, but thank you for putting this up. It has helped like you wouldn’t believe!!!!

  12. Amazing that this is still and issue. Thanks for your post. “Time Zone Support” should really be called “Time Zone Errors”. I don’t know who thinks this ‘feature’ is good.

  13. I haven’t been anywhere and my Iphone5 changes the time by an hour. I am sent an appointment for 3pm and it changes it to 4pm. ‘Time Zone Support’ is off. Any suggestions? Could it be my ipad or lap top?

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