A Tumblr hack

One thing that I wish Tumblr had, is the ability to create a couple static pages; ie. an about page. I have gone through a couple iterations of about pages – first a regular post, then a private post, and now, I have just implemented my latest iteration. I have created secondary tumblr site just for my about page, and modified the theme code so that all the links on the page direct back to the main parent site. I removed the link in the heading that would go to the post’s url, and modified all the links to tags, archives, etc. So, as you will notice, the ‘about’ link on the bottom heading bar will go to whois.michaellynton.com. It’s not like my site is in desperate need of it’s own about page or anything, but I still found it fun and cool to throw together. That’s all my hacking for now. Peace.


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