A new look. A new start.

I have been looking for a “look” of my own for quite some time now. I cannot say that this new “look” is completely my own, but I do feel a bit more attachment to it because I put more work into it than just copying a text file and pasting in the code (via Tumblr’s super easy custom themes).


I would always be on the lookout for a new custom theme of some sort. Then, a couple weeks ago, I found MNML, created by Ian Stewart at ThemeShaper. I really liked the look and the simplicity of the site design. The one drawback was that it was created for WordPress. Now, I have gone back and forth with the WordPress vs. Tumblr battle in my head for far too long. MNML renewed this internal struggle, which is a conversation for another day. Ultimately, I decided to stick with Tumblr. It just makes blogging simple, which is definitely what I need.

So, I went on my way to convert the WordPress theme to Tumblr. It was a great experience for me to get to know Tumblr’s custom themes framework. Now I have a little bit more background for times like this when the Tumblr Staff blog announced the ability to see “notes” in posts. I decided not to have this added to my site as of yet. I might change my mind, but for now I like the simplicity and lack of clutter.


To add to lack of clutter, I don’t have comments enabled either. Part of this decision came from something I read on Shawn Blanc’s site:

Moreover, if you have a response to something I’ve posted here then write about it on your own site. Putting your thoughts into words and putting those words in front of your own readers can be a gutsy move, and I highly recommend it.

I thought this was challenging, at least for me, because a lot of times I will just look at other content and read other people’s stuff, and not come up with my own. I think it is time for me to come up with more of my own. I also refrain at times because I worry who might read what I write and disagree. Well, I think that is okay. It’s okay to disagree. My heart is not to offend.

Welcome to the new michaellynton.com.


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