Lost connections

I have been watching a lot of JJ Abrams’ work lately.  I started watching Fringe when it premiered, and as of late, have been watching Alias thanks to Netflix.  I have noticed lately a few overlapping things in the shows lately:

1. During an episode in season 4 of Alias, Sydney had a party at her apartment.  I noticed in the background, that they were playing the song You All Everybody by Driveshaft, which is the band that Charlie was in, on Lost.  I could be wrong on this one, but I’m pretty sure   that was the song.  But this episode was made before Lost ….

2. On the latest episode of Fringe, a man who appeared to have committed suicide, had a plane ticket booked on a flight for the following week.  The airline was Oceanic.  Also coming from Lost. 


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