unlocked cars

I think our house sends out a homing signal to people looking for unlocked cars.  Once when Sarah and I were dating, we pulled into her driveway and she screams (I have no idea why), and realize why when I look up and see a man bolting out of her driver-side car door and run off.  He had been attempting to steal her stereo, but only made off with her faceplate.  Her car was left unlocked intentionally – mainly because it is old and not worth much – better than paying for a busted window.

Fast forward to last night.  This time the Accord was unlocked, unintentionally.  Although, the faceplate has already been stolen, and not replaced.  It was stolen once on the night we freaking got married.  Are you serious?!?  So, I found a replacement on ebay.  Then, it was stolen again in February.  After that encounter, I decided to just go without tunes in the car for a while.  So, nothing was taken last night.  Not a cool feeling to know someone was in your car though.  Items the punk did not take:  RayBans, $60 Target gift card.  Some people.


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