back home

After being gone for nearly 17 days, I am here to stay for about 2 weeks, until I have to leave again (but only for 4 nights next time).  I was in St Petersburg, FL on a project for work.  Don’t get me wrong, FL is great, but after being gone from home for so long, eating out gets old, and you end up just wanting your own bed.  And of course I missed my wife.  So, I am here to stay for a while.  Hopefully to hang out with friends, touch up the house a bit, and get good time with Sarah.

Since I have been gone, our dog Norah is in heat, and miserable.  I looked at her the other day and said, “what are all these mole looking things on Norah’s belly??”  That shows how much I know about dogs being in heat.  Also, the lawn is looking pretty rough – needing a good mowing.  We debated doing it today, but it has looked like its going to rain.  So, we decided instead to bust out our new vinyl folding lounge chairs and wait til the rain comes.  So, i say hello again and goodbye for now, from my red vinyl folding lounge chair.


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